The Gift That Keeps on Giving

EndoscopySo I had an amazing interview over the weekend with the Stenzel twins of The Power of Two fame. They are identical twins with cystic fibrosis who have managed to beat the odds and live into their 30s (so far!) with the help of double lung transplants. I felt really lucky to have a chance to meet and talk with them, especially as I’ve never met someone who was the recipient of an organ (to my knowledge, I suppose). They’ve been all over the world, filled their lives with accomplishments, and surrounded themselves with wonderful people, all despite (or perhaps because of?) their illness.  It was refreshing to have a conversation about questions of life and death with two people who were in no way fraught by the idea of their own mortality even though it seems much more present in their lives. Anyway, I just wanted to take this opportunity to suggest that everyone talk with their loved ones about organ donation and make their wishes clear. Most of you probably live in an opt-out society where your organs with be recovered unless you specify that they shouldn’t be, but if you make your wishes clear in advance, you can save your family from having to make difficult decisions in that regard, particularly in cases of brain death. And if you live in an opt-in country like me, be sure to sign whatever paperwork is needed and get your organ donor card.  Because, hey, if you aren’t using them anymore…


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