Green Coke?

Despite the fact that Coca-Cola often gets lumped together with other giant multi-nationals in examples of the damage big business can do, it looks like they actually have some pretty eco-friendly initiatives going on at the moment. In an article for Fortune magazine, Coke’s CEO Muhtar Kent explained some of the sustainability issues the company is working on.

They’ve pledged to be 100% water neutral by 2020, by upgrading bottling plants and recycling and retreating  wastewater. They’ve introduced a new kind of bottle made with sugar cane waste as well as a large percentage of recylced material.  They’ve also pledged to make all of their vending machines HFC-free by 2015.

While Kent himself advocates for climate change awareness, the changes he’s overseeing are not motivated by conviction alone. He thinks they make good business sense. More and more consumers are taking note corporate ethics and practice and he thinks a sustainable business strategy will give them an edge over competitors.

Let’s hope there are enough eco-minded customers out there to prove him right.


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