Thank you, George Alan Rekers.

Thank you candy heart
It’s happened so many times now, it’s (almost) not even funny anymore. Another anti-gay rights activist has been outed by a male prostitute. George Alan Rekers, a professor of developmental psychology who has written numerous books on teen sexuality that deny a biological explanation for homosexuality and who has advocated against gay adoption, was found to have hired a gay prostitute to accompany him on a 10-day European vacation.

Rekers, who co-founded the ultra-conservative Christian lobbying group Family Research Council and is a board member of the pray-the-gay-away National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality, was photographed at Miami International Airport accompanied by a young man the media have codenamed “Lucien.” When contacted, Rekers admitted that he had hired the 20-year-old through the graphic gay website, but denied that he knew Lucien was a prostitute and claimed he was hired to help lift luggage. He also claimed there was no sex on the trip and that the two men spent a great deal of time talking about Jesus Christ.

Sure you did, George.

“Lucien,” for his part, backs up the claim that there was no sex, however, he does say that he was paid for daily, nude, “long stroke” body massages. He also states that there is no doubt that Rekers is gay and denies that he was hired to carry luggage.

Well, George, at least you are in good company. Other big name conservative bigots outed in recent years include Senator Larry Craig, fellow pastor Teg Haggart, and Congressional page-lovin’ Representative Mark Foley. And that is by no means an exhaustive list. It almost seems like there is another revelation about a social conservative’s dirty doings every time I turn on the news.

My reaction to stories like that used to be anger. These days, however, I find I am having a totally different reaction: gratitude.

Thank you, George Alan Rekers, for providing another example of how rabid anti-gay advocacy often stems out of self-loathing. Thank you for making a emphatic stance against gay rights about as telling as tattooing a rainbow flag on your forehead. Thank you for making it more and more uncomfortable for those on the far right to deny LBGT citizens their civil rights. If it hasn’t arrived already, you are hastening the day when talking about the evil ways of homosexuals will be met with a snicker and an invitation to come out of the closet.


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